Q. Who Is Organising Festival?

A. Festival is being organised by Stalingrad Heritage and Stalingrad Tours, with full approval of the Stalingrad Veteran Association.


Q. Can I Be A Part of Event?

A. Of course you can. You can initially buy a memorial flower from , which will get you a ceramic flower after festival, also a chance to be picked through our lottery to attend. You also have the option of attending yourself if you can afford trip.


Q. How Can I Organise My Visa and Travel?

A. Visas to the Russian Federation can be organised through the Russian consulate or embassy in your respective country. However, if you happen to need any help with respect to your travel or visa arrangements, contact


Q. Who Do I Contact For Festival?

A. The best option, after your travel and visa arrangements are in place, is to contact us at We will help handle your stay, ensuring you can attend the events you wish to.


Q. How Do I Get To Meet Veterans?

A. Veterans will mainly attend reconciliation dinners. Due to age, they cannot partake in too many activities of festival. Journalists or military historians can contact us directly if they will like to meet or interview specific veterans.


Q. How Do I Get Most Out of Visit?

A. We suggest you contact us at, give us dates you will like to attend and general idea of your intended itinerary. We can assist with airport and rail terminal transfers, also ensure you attend all relevant events set to take place during your stay.


Q. Can I Donate To Assist With Event?

A. This festival is a non-profit event, just being carried out to assist with reconciliation of the past. Many veterans and individuals from different backgrounds will be given free passage to the event, surplus funds will be donated to veteran charities. The simplest way you can assist with the event is buy a ceramic flower, which will be planted in reconciliation garden, then sent to you after festival. The other ways are to make a donation, also encourage others to buy a ceramic flower.

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