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Anglers and fishing enthusiasts can enjoy some peace away from the festivities, with fishing in beautiful relaxing setting for a whole group. Fishing spots are located at ideal areas along the Don and Volga rivers, making them an anglers paradise, giving anglers an abundant experience of the Russian Steppe and wildlife, also a variety of fish. All required rods and bait are provided, so can day and night fishing trips. Experience a side of Russia you will never forget! Every experienced angler is to have the lifetime experience of fishing in one of the great rivers of Russia.


Enjoy a relaxing day(s) of cycling, following routes covered by divisions during Operation Uranus, round the Stalingrad Kessel, or in the Red October district. Our cycling gives you scope for independent exploring whereby you are free to explore at your own pace and level of ability. We provide detailed maps of the Kessel, with the best country lanes and points of interest. Therefore the activity level chosen can be entirely yours, as all our cycling routes are graded, to individuals levels of fitness. We also help track your rides via iphone, Android or GPS device. Witness the history of Kessel with the freedom of two wheels! Travel at your own pace, with minimal environmental impact, best of all, a massive sense of achievement, a lot more fitter than when you started. Absorb every sight and sound, dedicate smell and flavour, making it one of the best ways to walk in the footsteps of history.


There are many ways we can help you enjoy all Volgograd’s top sites and attractions. Our comprehensive sightseeing tours offer trips to all must see sites and attractions. We focus on saving you precious hours of your vacation by avoiding long waiting lines, also guidance in visiting the most important historic sites.


- Free Attractions

- Sightseeing Tours

- Top Attractions



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Discover the Stalingrad World War Two battlefield and witness or be part of an excavation taking place. Tour begins with a trip to an excavation site. After a safety brief and demonstration on how to use the tools concerned, individuals can spend some hours or rest of day assisting in the excavation of the remains of fallen combatants from the battlefield. These combatants are removed and given a decent military burial on one of the four military anniversary days which take place during the year. Excavators are guaranteed to help dig out one or more combatants, also if interested, collect empty shell cartridges. This is a must visit for any military artefact collector, as you are guaranteed to find some authentic battlefield artefacts.




We will have many events for young people at the festival. Whether you’re a young thrill-seeker or want to enjoy a more tranquil experience, there are many events for all. Main events youth may find fascinating often than tours, rides and others stated are:


- Treasure Hunts

- Team Building Exercises

- Planting Ceramic Flowers

- Interviewing Veterans




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We will have re-enactments of various battles and events which occurred during the Great Patriotic War. Re-enactments will follow theme of sister cities being hosted at time in festival.


Among other re-enactments, guest will be able to try a real Leningrad Diet to have an idea of what individuals had to survive on during the blockage.